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3 Popular Asian Card Games in The World


There are many card games in the world and if you live in Asia region, you might know and learn some favorite Chinese or Asian games that are popular world wide.

As you know there are many card games in the world and they have different ways to play so every player who is interested in this game must master the rules. In Asia region or continental, there are several popular games using cards and those are popular in the whole world. Also, some of them are included in casino gambling so the player who play it can open the chance to increase their profits if they really know how to play it.


Card Games From Asia Region

If you have already known about some judi bola from Europe and America, then you should learn and play some Asian games as the following:

  • Sic bo

If you hear the word sic bo, you may realize that you can find it in casino game. Sic bo is a part of casino but it doesn’t come from America. It came from Chinese and you don’t need card to play it. Instead of using ordinary card, you can play it with dice. It is called as an ancient Chinese card game and you need three dices to play Sic Bo. The game is very simple and you don’t need to think and make strategies unlike other gambling games. The players should guess the predicted numbers of three dices. The dealer will shake the dice in a glass or something that players can’t see it. Before that, players in the same table will place their bets on the numbers based on their thought. After that, players will wait for the dice after being shaken by the dealer. When the dealer opens the glass, you can see if your prediction is right or not. Many people say this game is easy to play but hard to win since all you need is luck without something difficult.

  • Mahjong

Have you ever watched Chinese films? You might see some scenes where the people will sit in round table and the play a game using unique card. That is called Mahjong and Chinese women like this gambling game. Actually, Mahjong is a domino and it is similar with rummy. The cards are different from normal deck. The pictures on the cards can be dots, symbol, Chinese letter and many things. The players need to arrange the card into fit combination by collecting some cards on the table. Every player needs to hide their cards from other players. In the end of game, every player should open their cards and compare to each other’s cards. The one who has the high card will be the winner.

  • Pai Gow

Pai Gow is the traditional and original game from China and it is different from American poker. Pai Gow can be considered as domino. As you know, this is a historical game found in Song dynasty in 1000 AD. It is considered as the one of the two games which the players can find others’ edges. The other game is video poker but the table condition needs to be perfect and the decision has to be made optimal so you can find the edge. You may find this game in oriental casino along with Fantan and other Chinese game.

Hope this information about Asian togel singapore can be added into your reference so you can choose the best card games based on your taste.