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Card Games Tips: How to Win UNO?


Uno is one of popular card games that everybody can play it together with families and friends but it is hard to win the game since you need some useful tips.

When you talk about Uno, every human in the world knows these card games because this game is always played by families and friends to kill time while waiting for something or just have fun on weekend during day off. Though it is designed for having fun, players want to win this game so they can be like a King of Uno and unbeatable. However, it is hard to win this game without applying some tips so you can know the movement of other players.


Card Games Tips: Ways to Prevent Losing From UNO

Though UNO has many different card games in different countries or region, but there are some similar ways and tips to play this game so you can be a winner as the following:

  • Answer other players’ card

You might not know other players’ cards and you even can’t guess them. But if the player before you throws a regular wild card and they might have one card left after saying Uno, you must not throw a reverse card. It is because you give a chance for them to win by letting go their last card. Although you don’t know their last card, but it is better for you to go on and make a progress of the game based on the direction to prevent the victory of that player. If reverse card is something you have and it is suitable with the pile card on the table, it is better for you to add one card from the deck instead of letting them win. You can hope that other players will throw different cards so they have to draw on card anymore. But you must hope that other player will change the card with something you have whether it is based on the color or number.

  • Prevent the victory of other player

This way is actually similar with the previous one but with different card. If the player who sits after you throws the wild card and they have only one left card but the color of the card has not been changed yet, try to change it with your wild card. Don’t throw the same card since you might not know if the rest players have the same color. But if you don’t have it, you can play with your card and hope that other players can change the color so you still have the chance to block another player’s victory.

  • Play with colors

If you have many cards with the same color on your hand, pick one card that will prevent other’s movement. For example you have some cards in yellow consist of three numbers, one skip card, one is draw 2 card and many more, don’t just play poker online with numbers though you have to keep the special card as long as you can. Try to throw the skip card first or draw cards. By doing this, you keep the color stay similar and it will go back to you if other player doesn’t change it with their special card. You can throw them again if you have double card.

Hope these tips can be your guide in winning Uno as one of the popular card games so you can get excitement and also fun with your friends or families together.