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Common Terms in Poker’s Cards Game


If you want to master poker as one of the best cards game in the world, you need to learn and master the terms inside it so you can play it with ease to win.

As the classic game, poker can be one of the most popular cards game in the world that can be played offline or online. If you want to be the best player like others in World Series and win million dollars, you need to master the whole game. However, it is not only about the rule or system, but also the term. You have to master the common rule you will see in every kinds of poker and if you know that better, you will get easy victory.

The Terms of Cards Game Poker


Do you want to win in playing poker as one of the best cards poker online game? Then you need to master the terms of it as the following:

  • Ante

Ante is not the bet but this is the amount of money you need to prepare for entering the game. After that, this ante will be used by you as the bet inside the game. The aim is you want to add the beginning ante to become more and more so you can feel the benefit of playing this game.

  • Blinds

Blinds are the minimum bet you need to do in the middle of the game and you have to do it before starting the round. The form of blinds is chips so your real money will turn into chips temporary but they are still money in the game. Every player in this table will get their turn to be the big or small blind. When it comes, you have to put some chips based on the deal on the table whether you like it or not. Just like before, there are two blinds which are big and small. Player who gets big blind needs to put the largest bet on the table but small blind will do it in a half of big blind. It will rotate so everybody can be big blind more than once. If your chips are few and you get the big blind, then you have to hand over your whole chips. It means you just need to pray that you survive there.

  • Call

Call is not making a call to someone far away through phone but it means answering the bet. Shortly, you are in or follow the turn. The money you need to place is as lot as the big blind or same with another player’s bet after raising the bet. By doing call, it indicates if the player is willing to join for the victory. In this call, you can’t reduce the amount or increase it so you just follow the turn and get into action.

  • Check

Check is not call or raise. It means the players want to see the card from the dealer’s hands and they don’t make any bet. In checking, the player won’t increase the bet so the dealer has to open three cards first before betting anymore. Usually, players will knock the table and say “check” one and another. However, if someone raises the bet, there will be no check and dealer will open the cards.

If you want to know more about other rest of poker’s terms, you can search on the internet. By mastering these terms, you can win this cards game easily.