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Different Suits in Different Card Games


Suits are the symbols on cards and the symbols are used in many card games in the world but actually, different countries have different suits and French is universal.

As you know that card games have different symbols and each symbol is colored in black and red. Normally, people don’t really care about the symbols or even pay attention to it. The normal suits you always use are spade, club, heart and diamond. However, not all countries have the same suits though they accept those 4 suits as universal way. There are meanings and histories behind those suits based on the country itself.


3 Different Suits in Card Games

If you want to master many prediksi bola, you need to learn from the beginning such as knowing the different suits in many countries as the following:

  • French suit

This is the normal deck you have ever seen in many games and this is universal in the world. French decks have many various patterns and also sizes. The total amount of the cards is 52 consist with 13 ranks for every suit there including court cards ir people may say them as face cards. Each suit has Ace, King, Queen and Jack. The numbers start from two to ten based on the rank. However, every pack of card is completed with 2 or 4 Jokers that you may use in a game or not. Mostly, people don’t use it and if they have to use it, they will use it as wild card. If you talk about French, you may know about piquet pack that consists of 2 to 6 in every suit but it is removed for 32 cards. This is popular in Russia, Central Europe and of course France. In Italy, the cards are removed again to 40 cards only. They removed 8s and 10s just like in Latin suits.

  • German Suit

German suits are different with French suit. If French has two colors which are black and red, then German has four colors with different names such as Bells (Schelle), Hearts (Herz), Leaves (grun or Blatt) and Acorn (Eichel). In northern Germany, The ranks of cards are Daus or Ass (Deuce), Konig (King), Ober (Over Knave), Unter (Under Knave), 10, 9, 8 and also 7. However for southern deck, you may see more cards including 6 so the total is 36.

  • Swiss German Suit

Switzerland is the neighbor of Germany but people who live in Easter part of German will speak Swiss. For the game, they use many varieties of decks. They use Rose (Rosen) instead of using Hearts or Shields (Schilten) after Leaves. Different with original German deck, 10 will be replaced with Banner Card that represents a flag by its suit. It means, you only use 6, 7, 8 and also nine. Inter in German is spelled Under based on the Swiss dialect. They will come in 36 cards and they are used in the National game called Jass. Another less common deck .is also used with 48 cards including 3, 4 and 5 called Kaiserpiel and it is a part of Karnoffel.

By knowing some suits from different country, you may know the similarities and also differences between one and another so you can add some knowledge to improve your skill in playing togel singapore.