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Knowing The Types of Poker’s Cards Game


Poker is one of classic cards game in the world from America and until now, many bettors play this game in every casino but there are many varieties of it.

Actually, there are many kinds of cards game in the world using 52 normal decks that have four basic symbols. However, if you talk about the most popular game, then poker can be the right one since it has many challenges for bettors or just ordinary players to achieve. It is a classic game with many variants so you can choose the best for you if you are bored with the ordinary one.


Cards Game of Poker

There is some cards game in the world that you need to know especially if you are doing poker as your best game ever as the following:

  • Texas Holdem

One of the best and the most classic poker games in the world is Texas Holdem. If you don’t believe it, you need to watch the poker tournament called World Series of Poker. This is the most popular poker in America today. In this game, the player will start it using two cards given by the dealer called starting hand. After that, the game is on and you need to wait for the dealer to reveal the five cards from his or her hands. In Texas holdem, the betting will take place in 4 rounds only after one card is revealed. You may use call for answering the bet on the table done by big blind or another player. You may also raise to increase the bet on the table or flop to close your cards and skip your turn. After the first three of community cards called flop are revealed, then player will do bet. After that, there is the fourth card which is ready to be revealed called turn. The player will do bet again and the last card will be called as river.

  • Omaha poker

Another poker game that you need to know and you can make this as your reference in playing card is omaha. You can say that Omaha is the other side of Holdem and you can play this game with two until ten players in one table or room at a time. Just like the version of Texas poker online, there is four rounds in betting but the starting hand is different. If you play with two hole cards only in Texas Holdem, then you will play with four cards in omaha and you need to wait for the dealer to reveal the five community cards. The aim of the game is you need to make the best combination with five cards from two of their cards and three from the common cards.

  • Stud poker

Stud poker can be called as well with 7 card stud. Just like the number, player will started the game with seven cards at one time. However, only four cards are up and the left three will be down. Though it is different and many cards to be handled in a time, but you need to make the best five cards from seven cards they will hold in the last session. Player who can get the best combination will win.


By knowing these cards game of poker, you can choose the best one as your betting game in order to get the best profit you can and also get the best entertainment as well.