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UNO Becomes One of The Most Popular Card Games in The World


Uno is one of the popular card games in the world and each country has its own rule in playing Uno but there are some similar rules that you need to use in game.

Sometimes many people are bored to play ordinary and classic game without updating or upgrading as the new variation in those games. If you want something new, you can choose Uno as one of the newest card games in the world. You can play with different cards, different colors and different rules with your families and friends to kill time. Just like the name, Uno means one and this is the important part of this game also the aim of players.


Card Games Reference: UNO

Uno is most popular prediksi bola in the world and played by kids also adults. The aim is to amuse people and bond each other through this game. The rule is very easy and there are many benefits for people who want to play Uno. It gives nerve, excitement and also challenge for all people. You can play it with two until ten players at once and each player will deal with seven cards in the beginning. The remaining thick cards will be placed face down and player will take one if they don’t have the required card. The pile card will be placed face up and the player who sits on the left side from the dealer will start the game first and draw the card based on the face up card on the center on table.

The aim of this game is to get rid of your cards before other player so you will get no punishment. You can do anything with the cards to attack other players and so do they. It is very fun and becoming the America’s number 1 card game. Simply you just need to match your cards with the discard pile by word, color, number and symbol. For instance, the placed card is seven in red color. As a player, you need to throw down the same card based on the color or seven in any color. Just match the color and number. If you have seven in blue color, it is alright and you can throw it down. If you have red card with different number, you can throw it down too. But you can throw down more than one card.

If you have some cards with seven on it in different colors, you may throw them down so you might have fewer cards on your hand. However, if you don’t have it, you need to take one card from the pile but you are not allowed to throw it and you need to keep it until the your turn. The next player will do the same thing like you. However, if you get the special wild card, you may change the color or your turn to play. For example, you have one wild card and you don’t have the required card based on the numbers or colors either. You can throw it down and speak ine color you have most on your deck. But you might not play since the one who will throws down the card is the next player based on color.

However, you may get another special card which is skip card. This card will make other players stop playing on their rounds and let the next player to play. Try to make this as your other togel sgp so you can get excited and fun together.